Used Caterpillar 966

The specifications of the Caterpillar 966 M

-engine: CAT C9.3 Diesel engine with ACERT technology

-Net Power : 206 kW/280 hp

-Bucket capacities:  3.50 to 4.80 m³

-Operating Weight: 23.220 kg

-Size tires size: 26.5R25


Caterpillar wheel loaders

stand for reliability and sustainability. The new ACERT (Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology) engines are extremely efficient, giving outstanding performance with minimum emissions. The high-quality components in Caterpillar wheel loaders can withstand the toughest working conditions and have a very long service life.


Caterpillar: faster and safer working

The Caterpillar wheel loaders have an electro-hydraulic control system and a payload-dependant control system that automatically adjusts to the operating conditions, thus reducing cycle times. We can adapt the Caterpillar wheel loader design to suit your project, to improve deployment capabilities and to increase productivity.


Comfortable working

For operator comfort Caterpillar has designed the Caterpillar 930H to 992G series with easy access and egress. The Cat. wheel loaders have the largest cabs in all classes. Visibility is excellent, which is assisted by using flat glass which does not distort the view. Caterpillar has a range of control systems: a conventional control system for the Cat. 906H up to and including the Cat 938; a conventional or Command Control system for the Cat 950 up to and including the Cat 972, Command Control system for the Cat 980 and a joystick control system for the large wheel loaders (Cat 988 up to and including Cat 994). The optional driving comfort system reduces machine jolting and jumping.


Easy servicing

Servicing the machine is easy because the engine compartment and the hydraulic and electrical service centre can be easily accessed. Access to the cooling system for cleaning and servicing is also easy. You can check the engine oil and coolant levels via accessible doors on the side of the machine.


Caterpillar wheel loaders: versatile

All wheel loaders - Cat. 992, Cat. 988, Cat. 980, Cat. 972, Cat. 966, Cat. 950 and Cat. 938 – can be fitted with a range of buckets; from a universal bucket and a general-purpose bucket to a rock bucket. By using special quick-release couplings the operator can perform a variety of tasks using one machine and a wide range of attachments.
Caterpillar wheel loaders are used, amongst other things, mining industry, for working in quarries, for road building, for blast-furnaces, for recycling and in other industries.

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