Specifications Caterpillar M318

The specifications of the Caterpillar M318 D

-Engine: CAT C6.6 with ACERT technology 

-Net Power (ISO 9249) at 1800 rpm: 124 kW/169 hp

-Bucket capacities: 0.38 m³ to 1.26 m³

-VA (Variable Adjustable)  boom: 5.26 m / One-piece boom 5.35 m

-Operating Weight: 18.200 kg to 20.100 kg

-Maximum travel speed: 37 km/h

-Maximum drawbar pull: 99 kN

-Maximum reach: 9.60 m

-Maximum digging dept: 6.36 m

-Size tires: standard 10.00-20 (dual pneumatic)



We have Caterpillar excavators with tracks and with wheels. These excavators have engines that are efficient and built to last. The hydraulic system has been developed for reliability and ergonomic operation with serious excavating and lifting capabilities and tractive power. The heavy lifting capability configuration ensures optimum lifting performance combined with excellent stability. The cab offers the operator maximum space, excellent vision and easy access controls.


Which excavator for which job?

Caterpillar excavators are available with three types of booms and six types of excavating arms. For example, there is a long boom that has been specially developed for a good balance between reach, excavating capability and bucket capacity and a large range of applications: precision and mass excavation, loading, trenching. The boom for mass excavation has been designed for maximum excavation capability, bucket capacity and productivity. Finally, the hydraulically adjustable boom can be extended and retracted for either maximum excavation depth or working in restricted space conditions. All booms and excavator arms are stress-relieved. The SmartBoom system reduces the transmission of pressure and vibrations to the machine.


The total range, available quickly

Caterpillar excavators range from the extreme type Cat. 390, via the Cat. 365C, Cat. 345D, Cat. 330D, Cat. 325D, to the Cat. 320D. Each machine has been developed for specific purposes, such as road building and hydraulic engineering, working in quarries, mining industry and for other conditions. Our specialists can of course provide you with complete advice about which Caterpillar excavator is the most suitable for your specific project.