Specifications Caterpillar 725

The specifications of the Caterpillar 725

-Engine: CAT C11 with ACERT technology

-Net Power (ISO 9249) at 1800 rpm: 227 kW/304 hp

-Body capacity: 14.3 m³

-Operating Weight: 45.850 kg

-Payload: 23.6 Ton

-Size tires: 23.5R25


Optimal loader/truck pass matching:

excavator CAT.345/CAT.336/CAT.329 -

wheelloader CAT.972/CAT.966/CAT.962/CAT.950




We have two different types of Caterpillar dump trucks: articulated and off-highway trucks.

Articulated dump trucks :

Cat. 740, Cat. 735, Cat. 730 and Cat. 725.

Off-highway dump trucks :

Cat. 777F, Cat. 775F, Cat. 773F, Cat. 772 and Cat. 770


Clean and comfortable

The engines of the Caterpillar dump trucks have an optimum adjusted combustion process for very low emissions, whilst maintaining the same level of performance and efficiency. The articulated dump trucks have a three-point front suspension which ensures a comfortable drive, even if the operator wants to ride over rough terrain at speed.

Benefits of Caterpillar dump trucks

Amongst other things, Caterpillar dump trucks are distinguished by their ergonomic design, semi-circular instrument panel, a telescopic and tilt-adjustable steering column, easy to operate controls and excellent all-round visibility. All of this means the machine can be operated quickly and accurately. The Cat. dump truck operator also works from a large, centrally mounted cab with an air-suspension seat. Caterpillar dump trucks have a hinged front axle and are mainly used in quarries, civil engineering and mining industry.

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