Specifications Caterpillar D9

The specifications of the Caterpillar D9 T

-Engine: CAT C18 with ACERT technology

-Net Power (ISO 9249) at 1800 rpm:  306kW/410 hp

-Blade capacity:  13.5 m³ (SU) / 16.4 m³ (U)

-Operating Weight: 47.900 kg

-Width of shoes:  610 mm



Ligro supplies the complete Caterpillar bulldozer range, from the extreme types Cat. D11R, Cat. D10T, Cat. D9R, Cat. D8R to the lighter-duty types such as Cat. D6R, Cat. D6T, Cat. D5 and Cat. D4.


Good visibility, powerful and clean engine

All bulldozers are equipped with a comfortable cab, with excellent front (bulldozer blade) and rear (possibly with a ripper) machine visibility. The high-quality ACERT engine technology achieves maximum performance with surprisingly low emissions.


Improved performance with ‘SystemOne’

The SystemOne undercarriage as it is known, has a roller with a higher flange in order to improve track guide, especially on transverse slopes. The roller is maintenance free. A unique feature of this undercarriage is that an end link is not required, which means that the tracks are more reliable than the traditional undercarriages and have a better service life. Larger track widths ensure improved overall performance on slopes and make it easier to manoeuvre the bulldozer in all kinds of situations.


A Caterpillar bulldozer blade for every application

We can fit your Caterpillar bulldozer with a wide range of blades. The semi-universal blade is built for heavy-duty use with the emphasis on penetration and capacity. The blade wings of the Semi-U have been designed to retain the load while dosing.
The straight or S-blade allows a wide range of uses. It has less capacity but this means it can handle heavier materials.
The adjustable dozer blade can be set to the left or the right and can be tilted, which allows the bulldozer to be used for a wide range of applications such as surface finishing, materials spreading, sideways dosing, trench work and backfilling. Caterpillar bulldozers are mainly used for levelling or site preparation and in road building.

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