The optimum solution for every project

Ligro Trading specialises in importing and exporting and is one of the market leaders in the rental and sale of heavy earthmoving equipment. Working with you, we’ll find the optimum solution for each project. And that’s not just about choosing the most suitable machines; it’s also about an appropriate form of financing. Is it more beneficial to rent a machine or is it better to buy one? Or is a compromise between the two more beneficial? We offer you attractive options for leasing and financing and even rock-solid buy-back guarantees. And as the leading rental company we can of course offer you very competitive rental rates. Together we’ll find the most efficient solution for your project. A truly customised service with the following result guaranteed: the lowest costs per cubic metre or ton of material to be transported.

Ligro Trading is a flexible trade organisation, rental company and transporter of earhtmoving machinery. A customer-focussed heavyweight.