The clear Ligro Trading approach

The clear Ligro Trading approach
Ligro is an independent family company with more than 50 years of worldwide experience in earthmoving, road building and hydraulic engineering equipment. We have consciously chosen to specialise in heavy earthmoving equipment and that’s part of the reason why our reputation is as durable as the machines we supply. The way we work is very clear: you always know exactly where you’re at. That’s important because if you are tendering for a project you have to be 100% certain that you will have the right machines on time, and at an attractive and predictable rate. That demands a partner that you can trust. We do everything in-house and we provide you with certainty – from start to finish.

That’s the Ligro Trading way

1. Stock
Dozens of machines always in stock.

2. Perfect servicing
We service all of the machines ourselves in our own fully-equipped workshop so that our stock is always ready to work.

3. The right machines available quickly
Through our website you can quickly find the equipment you are looking for. If required, we can help you specify the machines you require. And if we don’t have a machine in stock then we’ll find it for you quickly.

4. Our rates
Want to rent or buy one or more machines? We’ll always offer you the best rates, terms and conditions.

5. Bespoke transport
Whether it’s local or international, we’ll take care of all of the transport for you.

6. On-site support and potential replacement
We stay involved, even after delivery. If you rent a machine from us then we’ll make sure that replacement machines are available. Our engineers are available to come to you on request.

7. Collection or buy-back
On completion of a project we of course arrange the return transport of rental machines to our premises in Panheel. If you buy a machiner from us we can potentially buy it back from you and remove it from the construction site.

8. Yet another job done with Ligro Trading !